Saturday, September 03, 2005

Helping Hurricane Katrina Survivors

Yesterday DC sent 10 buses to Louisiana to bring Hurricane Katrina refugees back to DC. They'll stay temporarily at the DC Armory.

Today my neighbor asked me where to take clothes for the hurricane victims. I repeated what city administrator Robert Bobb said Friday on WAMU's DC Politics Hour. He said DC is not yet ready for citizens to start bringing donations of clothes to the Armory.

However, I had a suggestion for her and for everyone who's planning to donate things to the Katrina survivors. And please read the entire idea before deciding that I've lost it. Instead of donating things to the Hurricane Survivors, try selling your things. Then donate the cash to an organization that's helping the survivors. So everyone clear out those closets, and empty those basements. Then have a yard sale, or get on E-bay and raise some cash to help this cause.

Here's a Red Cross Article about clothing donations.

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