Thursday, September 29, 2005

Praise for DC's DMV

A DC resident praises the city's Department of Motor Vehicles. And no we're not making this up.

From Honora of the Cleveland Park Yahoo Group:
The Subject: Pleasant DMV Experience (seriously)
I had a great experience at the DMV office at Brentwood Square today - the address is 1223 Brentwood Road, NE - across the street from Home Depot. The DMV has a separate building in a small shopping center - located about 2 blocks south of Rhode Island Avenue. If you're traveling from Cleveland Park heading east on RI Avenue, 13th street is on the left and Brentwood Street is on the right - turn right - the DMV building is a few blocks down on the left (Depot is on the right). I arrived at 9:30 this morning (the office opens at 10 AM Mon. - Fri.) - brought a good book and had a nice wait outside the building. I parked right next to the building (a few spaces are dedicated to DMV customers - otherwise, park on neighboring streets). There was a short line - about 15 people in front of me. There was a separate line for people waiting to take their driving test. Anyway, I got to the info desk at 10:15 and they assigned my number (I requested a copy of my title) - my number was called before I had completed the request form - I was out the door at 10:20. Sure beats the wait at C Street... It took longer for me to find a faucet at Home Depot. Plus, it's a nice atmosphere - the employees were courteous and professional and there were fresh flowers at each desk. ~ honora

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