Thursday, September 15, 2005

Helping Hurricane Katrina Survivors - Part 2

Back on September 3, we suggested via this blog that people who wanted to donate clothes to hurricane Katrina survivors should reconsider. As an alternative, our advice to those well-intentioned souls was to sell the clothing in a yard sale and donate the proceeds to the hurricane relief effort.

We're happy to report a family is doing just that. (We can't take credit, since we don't know the family.) Here's a copy of their post from the Brookland Yahoo Group:
"Hi folks, my 5 and 9 year old girls have decided to help the victims of Katrina by hosting a yard and lemonade sale. Please stop by and pick up stuff for your little kids, clothing, books and lemonade.... AND LEMONADE! All proceeds will go to help pregnant victims of Katrina with thebarefootdoctorsacademy. This academy helps send midwives to the area to helpwith birthsand pre and postnatal issues.

Saturday, September 24th 12-3pm 1531 Otis St, NE
Thanks, Heidi"

Bravo Heidi and family! May many support your worthy effort.

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