Wednesday, August 31, 2005

New feature: Heard on the forums

Today we're introducing an occasional feature to this blog, "Heard on the Forums". We're going to report to you a sample of what people are talking about DC's various online forums.

From, there's speculation on the race for city council chair.
"Jon" wrote:
--As many may have heard today, Linda Cropp has finally announced that she was running for mayor by an email her campaign staff fired off to all the news media. Coucilwoman Kathy Patterson earlier told all the news media that if Ms. Cropp officially runs for Mayor that she would vacate her seat on the council and officially run for Chair of the city council. Ms. Patterson is out of town but will be back Friday. Let's see if she carries through and battles it out with Jack Evans and Jim Graham for the coveted title of CHAIR!--

And praise for the District government in the Cleveland Park Yahoo Group, Leonid wrote:
--As many of us, including myself, sometimes complain about one or the other side of DC government, I want to mention a very good experience(and not the first one I have!) with consumer protection part of DC government. Early this year, I was a recipient a fraudulent job done by CaseDesign handymen. Written and phone complaints to Case manager making clear that the fraud committed were not responded at all. However, few weeks after I complained to DC Department of Consumer and RegulatoryAffairs, I got a check for full refund from Case.--

Quotes from online forums do not represent an endorsement of Best of Washington DC T-shirts and Gifts and are provided for informational purposes only.

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