Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Value Village Thrift Store on Annapolis Road

We went to Value Village Thrift Store at 6611 Annapolis Rd in Landover Hills, MD  today. We had heard that it was so large a thrift store that it had fifteen cash registers. While the bank of cash registers, each one was with its number posted up to fifteen as described, is impressive, the rest of the store leaves a lot to be desired. The selection of items is huge, some areas of the store are more organized than others, and the prices are on the high side for a thrift store.

My son and my nephew found a very clean set of plastic railroad tracks in its original storage box but without the train that would give the tracks a purpose. We also saw a tricycle that was missing a pedal, a Paw Patrol bucket that had some food in it, and lots of books and board games. The books are buy 4 get 1 free, which is nice if you can find five books to buy. Children's picture books are $1.29 while kids' chapter books are $1.79. Also in the media section were CDs for $1.99. There were even some VHS tapes for sale. (Does anyone still have a player for those?) We saw a used pencil case marke $1.29 that we had seen new the day before at Target for 99 cents.

The good news is that Value Village Thrift Store is having a 25% off back to school sale for three days starting Friday July 27. Even betters news is that they're having a 50% off day on Saturday August 4.

Bottom line: This store has it all: furniture, apparel for the whole family, toys, books, games, knick knacks, shoes, home decor and more. Do your research and make sure you're getting your used item cheaper than a new one.