Tuesday, August 30, 2005

What are those new links? Tell us about your site

We've added some new links to this blog. Here's what you'll find when you click. Check these sites out.

In Shaw Blog (http://www.inshaw.com/blog/): thoughts on the changes in the Shaw neighborhood
Frozen Tropics Blog (http://frozentropics.blogspot.com/): musings about the Trinidad neighborhood
DC Watch (http://www.dcwatch.com/): on-line magazine covering local city politics in Washington, DC
dcist (www.dcist.com): dcist is a website about Washington, DC

Do you have a DC neighborhood blog? Tell us about your site in the comments section.

And while you're checking out the links, remember to visit www.cafepress.com/bestofdc and buy a shirt.

1 comment:

Scenic Artisan said...

very cool! i love the neighborhood t shirts!