Monday, March 20, 2006

Were you born in DC?

It seems like every time we tell someone we're from DC we get an incredulous response. If you're a native Washingtonian, you know what we're talking about. People will tell you things like 'Really? DC is so transient I never meet anyone who grew up here.' Or my favorite 'DC is a town where everyone is from somewhere else.' Not true, we were born and raised here. And there were lots of other kids at school with us who were also growing up in DC. Yes, really.


Scenic Artisan said...

i feel so sad when i hear things like that! or that dc is SO much more transient than any other city. NOT according to statistics it isn't!

my personal favorite is, "the population in dc changes every four years".

i'm not from here, but i know a bunch o people that are.

dc gal said...

Scenic artisan-

For that sentiment, I nominate you as an "honorary" native Washingtonian. :)