Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Last night's ANC 5A07 Meeting

We interrupt this normally positive and optimistic blog to mention serious issues that were discussed at last night's ANC meeting. We're not going give a play-by-play, just mention a few interesting points.

The majority of community concerns focused on crime and public safety. Neighbors talked about speeding, robberies and lack of police presence. There was not an officer in attendance to give a police report. Commissioner Boston said he had called both Commander Green and Lt. Stroud to request an officer for the meeting, however, his calls were not returned.

Councilmember Adrian Fenty was spoke. One of his remarks provided another reason DC needs statehood. He mentioned that federal law prevents the District from requiring police officers to live in DC, although many other cities have such a law on the books. (Again our congressional overseers have deprived us of our autonomy as citizens of these United States.)

Carrie Barton is a grad student who is doing her master's thesis on the history of activism in Brookland and the disconnect between institutional and community values. She's looking for Brookland residents to participate in her research. E-mail us if you'd like her contact information.

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