Saturday, April 29, 2006

Community garden plots offered to Brookland residents

The Ward 5 Councilmember's Office reports that a community garden plots have been offered to the Brookland community at the Franciscan Monastery. The brothers of the Franciscan Monastery are offering 15-20 plots for a community garden for Brookland Residents. Each gardener is responsible for keeping his/her plot clean and uncluttered. Gardeners may park in the back, and Monastery will provide a reasonable water supply. Garden Entrance is located at 3999 Quincy St NE WDC 20017. For more information please contact Mr. Carlos Vazquez 202-269-5460.

Boring disclaimer: Best of Washington DC T-shirts and Gifts is not affiliated with the the monastery or the ward 5 councilmember's office. However, if you have a surplus of fruits and veggies from your garden plot, remember us.

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