Friday, July 06, 2007

Disgraceful Behavior in the Name of Peace

On a radio broadcast I heard today, the widow of a soldier who fell in Iraq described her husband's funereal. She said that anti-war protesters showed up, but she was grateful to God that they decided not to protest. While I'm very much pro-peace, the thought of people protesting at a soldier's funereal is disgraceful and sickening. Protesting at a soldier's funereal is unpatriotic. How can Americans show so little respect for the people who have died to protect our freedom to protest and our many other freedoms. How could Americans how so little respect for a grieving family, for the wife who has lost her husband, and the small children who are now without a father. Such shameful behavior does not further the cause of peace.

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Scenic Artisan said...

i so fully agree with you.