Friday, November 10, 2006

On the 2006 Elections

Our Guest Author today is Danita Beck, Artist

Okay I woke up to good election news for once. Whose houses? (SAY WHAT?!) Dem's houses.

So the Dem's are in charge do they know what they are doing. They listened to the middle class to get elected, but they do know how bad things are for the middle class and by Jared they are going to do all they can to avoid being middle class .
I don't see a revolution like in '94. I just do not. Wish there were one.
And will Edwards beat Frist in 2008 - I' m calling it here and now. McCain is going to alienate someone, Clinton has alienated many, Dem's need to remember Clinton and Carter were southerners - so as of today I say Edwards.

And Rummy - Bush said to him "Rummy, I got your back." and then he heard the election results and added "way back here in DC and you need to be somewhere else - bye."
Glad Bush has listened, but wow they just let him go real quick. It needed to be done, but they assured loyalty and then hung him out to dry. "Resigned" I know. So who's next? He would be wise to let Cheney retire for health reasons and bring in someone who can run in '08. It can still happen - let's hope not.

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Anonymous said...

Where's Danita? In DC? Left Memphis, lost track of you.