Saturday, November 18, 2006

Make a Strong First Impression for Your Business

Today's guest blogger is graphic artist Darryl Bennett.

First Impression

A successful business needs a strong image, one that
clearly reflects what the company and stands for and
articulates its products and services. Promotional
materials such as business cards, fliers, logos and
websites are often the consumer’s first encounter with
a business, so it’s important to have quality work
created by a skilled designer.

As an experienced graphic artist, I have several
suggestions for business owners looking to improve the
brand and image of their companies. Logos should be
bold and concise, and should be able to stand alone. I
tend to design logos with only one or two colors so
the logo can be printed on almost any colored paper
without having to change the colors. Business cards
should be brief, quickly identifying the company,
product, and relevant contact information. I like to
individualize two-sided business cards by using a
photo of the client on one side with the type on the
other—keeping in mind that a business card is a small
piece of cardstock and not meant for heavy reading.
Fliers cover the where’s, why’s and when’s of a
business or event with strong graphics that pull the
reader or consumer in. On fliers, I like to experiment
with fonts, images and color to make a dramatic
statement and create interest.

Remember, there is power in good design. Create a
strong image and use it to build your business.

Darryl Bennett
Graphic/Web Designer
Owner of TOKYO13 Designs
(202) 423-4645

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