Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Highlights of tonight's ANC 5A07 meeting

Once again Commissioner William Boston put together an array of interesting presenters for the monthly meeting of SMD 5A07.

Officer Robinson from Metropolitan Police gave an interesting talk about his experiences as he walks the beat on 12th street NE. He also provided excellent crime prevention tips. Officer Robinson cautioned homeowners to beware of unknown contractors and yard helpers. He said they sometimes seek that work to see what is available in the home.

A couple of representatives from the DC Office of Planning tried to give a presentation, but the barrage of questions they received prevented them from doing so.

The Brookland CDC gave a presentation on Newton Theatre's recent addition to the DC registry's list of historic places. The CDC also announced it will hold its annual meeting, which is open to the public, on June 12 at the Brooks Mansion.

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