Thursday, May 25, 2006

Get veggie seedlings at multi-family yard sale

This is from the Brookland list serve:

Multi-family Block Yard Sale on Sigsbee Place, NE
Saturday, May 27, 9 am - 2 pm

They'll be selling all the yard sale staples, like appliances, clothes, furniture,
kitchenware, rugs, trinkets AND

Vegetable Seedlings
only $0.50 each plant!

Big Rainbow (large, yellow with red stripes)
Bird (semi-wild)
Cherokee Purple (large red/purple)
German (oblong from Eingeltingen village in southern Germany)
Mr. Stripey (large, yellow)
San Marzano (Roma)
Striped Roman (oblong red/orange stripes)
Zapotec Pleated (large, Mexican)

Criolla Sella (oblong)
Hidalgo Chile (similar to Serrano)
Hot (mixed varieties)
Hot Yellow

Long Purple (Chinese)

Celriac (root vegetable)

Basil (mammoth leaf)
Cilantro (fine, cut-leaf)

Getting there: Enter Sigsbee Place off of 10th Street NE, one block south of Taylor (near
Turkey Thicket)

Best of Washington DC T-shirts and Gifts provides this announcement as a public service. We regret we can't give you additional info about the event.

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