Saturday, January 07, 2006

Write-in for Mayor: The story behind the design

Why should professional politicians have all the fun of running for mayor? We created the 'Write-in for Mayor' line to equal the playing field. No matter how small your campaign budget, you too can have campaign shirts, buttons and magnets just like the pros. For a limited time, we'll personalize your gear with your name at no extra cost.

Kick-off your campaign today.

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Chris said...

(could not find your email...)

Hi there,

Hi, my name is Chris and I found you on DC Blogs.

I am trying to collect blogging tips and tricks for a few workshops that I am going to be presenting for the Writer's Center next month and I would love it if you had any advice, tips, or tricks you might want to tell my class about blogging -- I will give you full credit...

The workshops on blogging-for-writers in February at the Writer's Center (actually held at the Arlington Arts Center).

Also, since you are in fact a DC blogger, I thought you might find this interesting -- not for yourself, probably, but maybe as something your friends or family might find interesting. The first one, Starting a Blog, isn't exclusively for writers but should be an excellent general introduction to blogging.

Starting a Blog

Blogs, Blogging and the Blogosphere

Blog of Your Own, A: How to Write Your World

If you are so inclined, I was hoping that you might blog about it.

Also, feel free to keep in touch. I would surely like to meet more of my fellow DC-bloggers.



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