Friday, January 13, 2006

Basements and Attics: Two Levels of Bliss

Gary Imhoff over at asked for submissions to that site about what makes living in DC a joy. He posted my entry (repeated below) about Basements and Attics. Now I've already gotten an e-mail asking where it's located. Answer: 3217 12th Street, NE. Now here's the from themail at
Last year several interesting shops opened up in Brookland. The new offerings include a coffee shop, a home accessories place, and my favorites: furniture resale store Basements and Attics and an art gallery, Roxanne’s Artiques (yes, “artiques” — it’s not a typo). What’s fun about Basement and Attics is that the merchandise changes constantly. I’ve been several times since they opened a few months ago and it’s never the same store twice. On a recent visit I saw a marble dining room table, a Grecian key patterned drapery panel, a cedar wardrobe, and a glass bowl shaped like a flower. For those folks like me who enjoy vintage furniture perhaps a little too much, Basements and Attics is two levels of bliss.
Any questions about the store? Please kindly direct them to

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