Thursday, November 03, 2005

White Flight

Lonnie, who posts comments to the In Shaw Blog, is a like a muse. Here's another quote from Lonnie followed by some commentary by yours truly.

"How come when poorer black residents have to leave a neighborhood it's called "being pushed out" while when richer white residents have to leave a neighborhood it's called "white flight"? Certainly the riots of the late 60s and resulting poverty pushed out richer, white residents. It wasn't fair; they were forced out."

Historically in DC, the original white flight was associated with the desegregation of schools. The 1954 desegregation of DC's schools far pre-dated the riots. The whites who fled DC to avoid sending their children to integrated schools were not forced out. They chose to go.

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Lonnie Bruner said...

Ok, right.

So the riots had absolutely nothing to do with it. Guess we can just discount their effect all together.

And hey, I'll be your muse any time you want, lady.