Tuesday, November 15, 2005

ANC 5A07 Meeting

Commissioner William Boston held ANC 5A07's monthly meeting tonight. Unlike the rambunctious meetings we had over the summer during the historic preservation controversy, the session was uneventful.

Dee Smith from Councilmember Vincent Orange's office was present and took notes on the community's concerns. That seemed a bit unusual as I cannot recall having seen her at previous 5A07 meetings. Ms. Smith seemed genuinely interested and available to help residents. When she addressed the residents, she mentioned that the councilmember has an e-newsletter. (Who knew?) Someone asked why it isn't posted to the Brookland yahoo group. Ms. Smith handed the questioner her notebook to record the group's e-mail address.

The meeting for all of ANC 5A is 7PM tomorrow Wed. November 16 at Thurgood Marshall in Fort Lincoln. Development in that community is on the agenda.

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