Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Same Sex "Marriage" Controversy in DC

In May 2009, the DC City Council approved a bill to recognize same sex marriages performed in other jurisdictions. Last week the DC Board of Elections and Ethics said the matter should not go before DC voters in referendum. Seven supporters of traditional marriage have filed a lawsuit to overturn the Board's decision.

A few reasons to support traditional marriage
Some would have us believe that not recognizing marriage between people of the same sex would violate their civil or human rights. Little could be further from reality. Here are a few reasons why.

First, recognizing same sex marriages would redefine the historical definition of marriage. Historically and traditionally, our society has defined marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

Secondly, we need the union of males and females for the procreation and continuation of the human race. Once we begin to recognize unions that cannot naturally reproduce, we put our society in demographic danger. We can reach a point that we won't have enough people to keep our society going.

In addition, we must remember the right to freedom of religion. If same sex marriage is recognized, the free practice of religion is hindered. Religious institutions and individuals that cannot recognize same sex marriage because of their religious convictions will be criminalized. Here's an example. In Massachusetts, we've already seen a Catholic adoption agency go out of business because the state declared the agency's religious practice of not allowing homosexual couples to adopt illegal. Orphans lose. Society loses. Is this what we want for DC?

Finally, if we redefine marriage and allow two men or two women to marry, we provide the basis for other nontraditional unions to be legalized as marriage. On what grounds will tell three or more persons that can't be married to each other? How then can tell close relatives that can't marry each other? What will stop people from claiming the right to marry small children or pets?

There are more reasons to support traditional marriage, but dcgal will leave those for a future post.

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