Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Shop DC Tax Free

The District of Columbia will offer its second 2008 Sales Tax Holiday beginning at 12:01 am Friday, November 28, through midnight Sunday, December 7. The Sales Tax holiday grants an exemption from the 5.75 percent sales tax for clothes, shoes, and accessory items. To qualify, each item must cost $100 or less.

The sales tax exemption will apply to each eligible item, no matter how many items are on the bill.

Sales Tax Holiday

Clothes (clothing) Any article of apparel for humans, including pants, shirts and blouses, dresses, coats, jackets, belts, hats, undergarments, and multiple-piece garments sold as a set, if $100 or less.
Shoes All footwear, except skis, swim fins, roller blades, and roller-skates.
Accessory Items
Jewelry, non-prescription eyeglasses, watches, watchbands, handbags, handkerchiefs, umbrellas, gloves, scarves, ties, headbands, hats, belts and belt buckles, and other traditional accessory items.

For additional tax information, please call (202) 727-4TAX (4829).

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