Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Year - New Look

Today's guest blogger is Tanya Simms who has given us
practical advice on home decor.

This is it! 2007 is the year that you'll tackle those around-the-house projects you've been putting off - starting with that room that you've walked away from over and over because you just didn't know where to begin. Here's a great place to begin ... start with the art!

Designers agree it is easier to design a room around a focal point - such as a fabulous painting - than to find a focal point for a room that has already been designed. If you have a piece of artwork you absolutely love - or have your eye on one - why not make your room reflect what you love about that painting?
Angel Wings by Lavarne Ross For instance, consider one of PPI's current best sellers, "Angel Wings." Put this beautiful painting in the most prominent place in your room, and then decorate around it. Pull a pale shade from the painting and put it on your walls. Look at the light and airy dresses in the painting and find sheer curtains to dress your windows that give the same feeling. If you're going as far as replacing furniture, look for something in a neutral shade - brown leather, dark woods or a soft gray or beige would look fabulous in this room. Accessorize your room with flowers, pillows, candles or a pretty vase, all in pale, pastel shades or white that blend with the colors in the image.
Wasn't that easy? Carry the same process over to your favorite painting. The key is to put the painting in the most prominent place in your room - the first place your eyes go when you enter the room. Then, use furniture, wall color, window treatments, throw rugs and other accessories to tie the look together and highlight your focal point. If you're still looking for inspiration, contact me to be I'll be happy to help you find the perfect painting and pull together a great look for your room.

If you would like assistance in making your art and frame selections, you can always call Tanya at (301) 322-1471. Personalized attention is just a phone call away. Or visit Tanya on-line at

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