Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Last night's ANC 5A07 Meeting

Here are highlights from ANC 5A07's meeting last night. Three guests presented and there were about 16 attendees.

Officer Robinson, MPD
You probably know Officer Robinson as the cop who walks the beat on 12th street. He read PSA 5A02 crime stats that compared the last 30 days to the 30 days prior to them. (Got it?) Crime was down in all areas he covered from violent crime to auto theft. kCommunity members gave the officer the addresses of various nuisance properties, which he promised to follow-up on.

Sara Glass, Ronald McDonald House
The Ronald McDonald House ("the House") is doing a land swap with the Franciscan Monastery. The Ronald McDonald House needs a new House to accommodate up to 100 additional families per year and to provide the families with private bathrooms. Of the two parcels of land the monastery was willing to swap, the House prefers the lot at 14th and Perry Streets. The entrance would be on Perry Street. The House is waiting for a response from the monastery. In addition, the House will need to go to the Zoning board to get its certificate of occupancy moved to the new site. Ideally, Ms. Glass said the House wants to be in its new space by early 2008.

Eric Rogers, ANC Liasion, DCRA
Don't you wish every DC government agency had an ANC liasion? Mr. Rogers was very knowledgeable. He explained the status of the church parking lot issue on the 1400 block of Jackson street. It's really too much to go into here but the issue seems to finally be headed to some resolution.

Community Concerns
Three neighbors who live adjacent to the future YES Organic Market raised their issues with the construction site. (If we knew the neighbors' names, we'd list the damage they allege to their properties.) Mr. Rogers said DCRA was aware of the situation and it was being looked into.

Ward 5 candidate watch: Bruce Marshall was present.

ANC5A07 will not hold a July meeting.

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