Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Safety Tips from One of DC's Finest - Final Edition

Here's our final edition of our safety series by Officer K. A. Sodimu of PSA 401 and the Takoma DC Yahoo Group. And for Washington Cube, see tip "b" for the officer's opinion of "packing heat".

Preventing Assaults
Assaults are basically fights carried out with or without a weapon at home or in a public space, between strangers, (frequently) among friends, acquaintances, or loved ones. The most serious assaults are known as "aggravated assaults," "assaults with a deadly weapon," or "assaults with intent to kill." Less serious offenses are called "simple assaults." In many cases, simple assaults turn into more serious assaults or even homicides, if the initial argument or fight is not scaled back or resolved quickly. While some assaults are unavoidable, use the following tips to make sure simple arguments do not turn violent or deadly: a.. If you are involved in a heated argument that appears to be turning violent, walk away. If you stay and fight "to prove something," you will only demonstrate poor judgment in almost every instance.
b.. Never carry a firearm, knife, or other illegal weapon. A weapon will definitely escalate the situation, and it could ultimately be used to harm innocent people or yourself.
c.. Avoid excessive drinking, or if you have been drinking, recognize its impact on your judgment. Alcohol is a contributing factor in many assaults.
d.. If you see an assault in progress, dial 9-1-1 immediately to alert the police. Do not jump into the fray, unless it is a last resort to prevent more serious injury.

Thanks again to Officer Sodimu for these tips. Be safe everyone and check out our shop.

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